Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Ahmed Al-Jarwan President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace: “Let each day be a day for tolerance and peace”

Statement by Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al-Jarwan, President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace:

On November 16 each year, the international community observes the International Day for Tolerance and Peace, an occasion for reflection and solidarity against all forms of ignorance and hatred.

On this day, nations’ governments, civil society, opinion leaders, women and men of science and media professionals must take a stand against extremism, racism, discrimination and terrorism, and commit to promoting the principles of tolerance and peace among young people.

The mere condemnation statements of violence, terrorist phenomena and inhumane acts are no longer sufficient to cope with the growing threats to the innocent citizens of our societies. It has now become crucial to ban any possible marginalization of communities and to put an end to any doctrine based on discrimination. It is no longer acceptable to fail to guarantee education, medical care, justice and freedom to every person in every community of every nation in this world.


It is time to act.
It is time to globally take on new strategies and new methods.
It is time for all those who cherish peace and who work for its establishment to become united.

We have a duty to build fundamental and sound rules in order to bring about justice and equality. For many communities in our world, Human rights are only a slogan or a distant dream. Let us unite to finally make it an indisputable reality for each and every individual.

It is time to nurture tolerance and use it to build a future where our children will grow up in safety, freedom and peace.

It is therefore of utmost importance that nations worldwide and the civil society provide youth, from a very early age, with an education that rejects discrimination and which consolidates the principles of equality, coexistence and respect for the beliefs and convictions of others.

Moreover, the international community must support initiatives that promote the role of women in our societies, as well as programs involving youth.

It is therefore essential to build global and regional partnerships and hold joint conferences to implement programs promoting the values of tolerance and peace.

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace seeks to achieve its goals by implementing an ambitious strategic plan targeting education and the media. The Council also relies on building partnerships with the United Nations and its agencies as well as local, regional and international organizations, universities and other institutions that could support the endorsement of Human Rights, tolerance and peace.

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace wishes to announce the intention to form an international parliament for tolerance and peace, which would play a key role in legislative development, particularly in the modernization of laws and educational programs to raise the foundation of tolerance and peace.

Let us unite by holding on to our goals of mutual respect between cultures and peoples.

Let us work hard so that our message reaches every corner in the world, so that each day is a day for tolerance and peace.

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