Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

About GCTP

Establishment of Council:

At the beginning of the second decade of the twenty-first century, the international community witnessed a wide spread of internal and regional conflicts based on race and sect, and the growth of the epidemic of terrorism and violence, that hit many countries, which negatively affected the work peace stability.

The governors vision around the world starting leaning towards a common international work that seeks to spread the culture of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, along with uprising good human values and support meeting points between countries, all that in conformity with the UN’s contemporary orientation, that perceive tolerance and peace as a necessity.

The idea of “The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace” began as a window or an international platform dedicated for tolerance and spreading peace and noble human objectives. It is an international organization that relies on democratic principles and takes from the International Law and Covenants its own work system, in order to reach true and sustained peace for the human kind through spreading the culture of tolerance between countries. It also build the policy of soft power which some countries understood its importance and started calling for it worldwide.


Working on spreading the culture of tolerance in order to addressing the issues of contemporary world peace.


Considering that the challenges facing world peace are yet more dangerous than ever, and considering the spread of the epidemic of extremism and violence, we must without doubt out in more non-governmental effort, complement to our governments’ effort, since we now believe that non-governmental organizations have become among the most powerful means to make true changes on the field in our time.

We in “The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace” have lost our determination to put all of our parliamentary, legal, political and executive experience from different countries in the world to manage an international organization for tolerance and peace.

Council’s Objectives:

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace seeks to:

  • Rise the value of tolerance and spread the culture of peace.
  • Fight discrimination, racism, religious and ethnic and sectarian extremism.
  • Grow and develop the norms of the International Law, which strengthens the principles of tolerance and achieving peace.
Council’s Principles:

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace respects several principles. The main ones are:

To respect the UN’s principles and to support achieving its goals, to respect the norms of the International Law, related to the work of the non-governmental organizations, and to respect national laws of the countries in which the Council practices its duties. The Council also adopts the principle of raising woman’s, the youth’s and the disabled’s value, and allowing them to play proficient roles on a local and international level.