Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Women, Drivers of Peace

Ahmed Bin Mohamed AlJarwan
President, Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

On the 8th of March of every year, the world celebrates the International Women Day (IWD). But this year, IWD is different, we are today celebrating the women who are standing at the front lines of the COVID -19 Pandemic, as leaders, scientists, doctors, health care workers, educators, innovators and caregivers in combating the pandemic.

This year ‘s theme  is “ Women in Leadership : achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world “ to celebrate the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and highlight the gaps that remain.

On this day, the Global council for Tolerance and Peace , uphold the vital role of women in peace building and tolerance advocating. We also join all voices around the world and send the message “ Women are drivers of Peace”, as they have a unique ability to bridge opposing communities, and to overcome differences. They are powerful peacebuilders tolerance advocators,  they can take bold action, stand up for human rights and build a peaceful future for everyone .

The Global council for Tolerance and Peace , since its establishment:

  • Believes that empowering women is an actual solution for many issues in the society, acknowledging the crucial role of women in their societies
  • Believes that empowering girls has become one of the initial steps that must be taken to solve economic, social, and cultural issues
  • Realizes that giving girls a chance in decision making and execution nationally and internationally will have a positive impact on their national community ability in overcoming difficulties
  • Believes that  Women’s empowerment is a mean and an end for the deconstruction of militarism, negative masculinities and patriarchy which glorifies violence, aggression, conflict, hate, anger  and discrimination
  • Realizes that empowering women is crucial to advance Sustainable development, education and human rights based on wisdom, tolerance and understanding .
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