Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

GCTP President lauds UAE precautionary measures to tackle coronavirus

Abu Dhabi, March 25th (WAM)- President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (GCTP) Ahmad bin Mohammad Aljarwan lauded the precautionary measures taken by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to tackle the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) based on its keenness on the health and safety of its citizens and all the people on its land.

In a statement, Aljarwan said that the GCTP highly appreciates the relentless efforts exerted by the UAE to tackle the coronavirus which have been recognized by  the World Health Organization (WHO).

He hailed the instructions issued by different state institutions in framework of the keenness on the health and safety of citizens, residents and visitors including the necessity to stay at home , except in certain cases, in addition to stopping all the flights for two weeks and the return of citizens and missions from abroad.

He affirmed that the medical and health measures and preparations taken by the state endows the UAE citizens, residents and visitors with a feeling of satisfaction and comfort .

The GCTP added that the response by the UAE citizens and by the residents and visitors to the call by the government and its precautionary measures is the best evidence on their confidence in the state’s ability to overcome these exceptional circumstances  as soon as possible.

He called on all people to commit to the instructions on staying at home and the social distancing to maintain the personal and public health for the society and its members, expressing confidence that the UAE, thanks to its wise leadership and the response by its people and all of those who are on its land, will be able to overcome this global health crisis.

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