Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

GCTP participates in UNHCR’s Dialogue on” Protection Challenges 2018 “

At the invitation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the delegation of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, headed by Dr. Ahmad bin MohamedAljarwan, the President of the Council, and the membership of the German Member of Parliament Mr. Nicholas Lobel and the Chadian Member of Parliament Saleh Kebzabo, two representatives of the International Parliament for Tolerance and peace, participated in the dialogue of the Commission regarding the protection challenges 2018, held at its headquarters in Geneva (18-19 December) under the title “Protection and solutions in urban areas: working with cities.”

According to a statement issued by the Media Office of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, the delegations participating in the dialogue discussed the challenges facing the protection of the rights of refugees in the world and ways to support the host communities as well as discussing the future opportunities available to face these challenges.

The Councilnoted in its statement that Aljarwan presented to the High Commissioner forRefugees the Council’s vision on ways to address refugee issues in the world,which is based on the firm conviction that the main reason for the current exacerbation of these issues is the decline in the values ​​of tolerance inmany societies, which lead to the spread of violence and terrorism and theoutbreak of racial, sectarian and religious conflicts, which in turn led to thedisplacement of millions of people from their homes in search of a refuge,seeking the safe life they lacked in their own countries.

The President of the Council also stressed that refugee issues are one of the issues that are at the center of attention of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, being one of the most urgent humanitarian issues requiring heavy international efforts to confront them. He stressed the need to activate the role of civil society in various components to address these issues, pointing out the efforts of the Council in the field of spreading a culture of tolerance, which will contribute to the treatment of asylum issues at a global level.

The President of the Council also praised the efforts of UNHCR and its ability to operate in a challenging international environment and stressed that the Global Councilfor Tolerance and Peace would spare no effort in supporting its activities and actionprograms.

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