Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

COVID 19 an opportunity to a global Tolerance and Peace

H.E.Ahmed Al Jarwan,
President, Global Council for Tolerance and Peace.

Every day, COVID-19 reaches a new and heartbreaking milestone in our life.

More than 426,000 coronavirus cases and 19,000 deaths have been reported today 25th of March 2020. A new virus, that is keeping us contained in our homes is reorienting our relationship at the national and international level even between each other.

Every loss in each and every family is a tragedy, but it is an opportunity to work hard to stop the transfer of the virus and stay safe. It has been noticed, that each and every country is pushing back the virus in a smart and different way, encouraging the rest of the world to follow up.

On the other hand, crisis moments present opportunity to use technology, appreciate life, have faith and belief, be united, and appreciate each other.

Those on the frontlines against coronavirus aren’t conscripts, or armed force men; they are our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, teachers, caregivers, store clerks, utility workers, small-business owners and employees. Those people are sacrificing their health and life for us, as true patriotism. We should appraise them, appraise scientific research and support them.

Our lifestyle is changing, after being comfort with the presence of others, touching things, and breathing the air in an enclosed space, we are now distant and conscious.

What we are facing today, is a common enemy; it is a shared threat, that does not distinguish between reds and blues. So, it is the time to begin to promote more constructive patterns in our cultural and political discourse. The time for change is clearly ripening, to reorient politics, to make substantial new investments in public goods—for health, especially—and public services, to empower women, encourage scientific researchers, and to promote more values of tolerance and peace in our culture. This virus is forcing us to reconsider who we are and what we value, and it will help us rediscover the better version of ourselves for a peaceful and stable world. So, it is driving change, as it revealed the flaws in our health care system, our research and academic system, our governance system, our safety system and our human relationships. We should rethink about use of technology to serve us more efficiently and effectively to facilitate our life using virtual reality, augmented reality, telemedicine, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.

I invite everyone, to appreciate and support medicine, science, scientific research and human values, to encourage people to contribute to their economy and society, to join efforts to fight this common enemy with faith, solidarity, tolerance, wisdom, and our human values. This is the right time to have more tolerance advocators and peace builders.

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