Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Completion of preparations for the founding session of the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (GCTP) will hold the first founding session of the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace (IPTP) on the 6th of July, 2018, in Valetta, Malta, with the invitation of the Speaker of the Maltese Parliament, Angelo Farrugio, and the President of the GCTP, HE Ahmed bin Mohamed Al-Jarwan, with the participation of a big number of national parliamentary representatives from around the world.

The council’s presidency established working offices in all the continents in the world in preparation of this event, which is of great importance because it sets the foundation stone in building a new global parliamentary entity which aims towards fighting terrorism, extremism, racism, violence and hatred through setting a global strategy to plant a culture of awareness, acceptance of others, dialogue, moderation, forgiveness and peace.

The council’s presidency also issued a statement, underlining that “the IPTP represents one of the most importance main units of the GCTP, and is considered one of the specialized global parliaments, given that the council aims towards adding parliamentary representatives from different countries in the world to its members, and specializes in studying and looking into the international matters related to spreading tolerance, in order to raise peace values worldwide.”

The statement added: “The main goal of establishing an international parliament among the organs of the GCTP is that the membership in this international parliament, composed of representatives of national parliaments, will allow a unique chance to coordinate cooperation and exchange ideas and expertise, and even share common beliefs concerning many national and international matters facing international peace, such as terrorism, extremism, violence, and religious, ethnic, sectarian and racial radicalism. Here lies the importance of developing ways of international cooperation between the parliaments of different countries, because their role is no longer limited to make the voice of their electoral circles heard nationally. Today, they are required to make the voices of their peoples heard internationally, for the whole wide world to hear, meanwhile respecting the national sovereignty, privacy and independence of each state.”

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