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Al Shamisi on the Occasion of Declaration of Year 2019 as “Year of Tolerance”: A new path of emphasizing and deepening values of openness and dialogue

The ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Lebanon, Dr. Hamad Said Al Shamisi said in a speech on the occasion of the declaration of year 2019 as a year of Tolerance: “Our leadership has accustomed us to be the first to spread the culture of goodness, openness and love, and the steps that have been taken since the announcement of the Ministry of Tolerance is the best proof of the vision it sought to spread it in a world of conflicts and crises.”

“Today, His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, announces the year 2019 as a Year of Tolerance in the UAE, to complement the process of consolidating and deepening the values ​​of openness and dialogue in accordance with the steps taken by the State,” he added.

He proceeded: “The designation of the upcoming year as a” Year of Tolerance “is a source of pride and a new emphasis on moving forward with the same approach and footsteps of the late founding father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul.”

“Since its establishment, the UAE has pursued a policy of openness and tolerance based on the principle of non-alignment to any conflict or radicalism, of helping all the countries of the world, and inculcating the real values of the UAE people, those that suit its habits and traditions,” he said.

He pointed out that “the Emirati leadership’s interest in the value of tolerance is due to several reasons, including that it constitutes a basic Islamic humanitarian value that shows the true face of moderate Islam. It will enhance the image of Islam, in the face of the abuses it receives from terrorist groups, which present a distorted image of Islam and spread hatred and arrogance.”

He praised the “role of the leadership in establishing the concept of justice, equality, harmony and respect for the other among all religions, races and cultures, and in establishing a law for that concept, which has made it a firm approach not only within the components of society but also in the governing of the state’s relations with the outside world.”

He reiterated that “the UAE embraces more than 200 nationalities on its land, all of whom are united and co-exist according to each one’s beliefs, ideas and religion and live in harmony in the rule of law governing all citizens as well as residents.”

Al Shamisi added: “Tolerance is one of the humanitarian and moral principles inculcated by the UAE leadership since the establishment of the union. The idea of ​​uniting the seven emirates was a starting point for promoting this concept, and we have become a host for all visitors and tourists and we occupy the first ranks. This is not arbitrary, but the result of serious effort, enlightened mentality and a solid will, all enshrined in the spirit of Sheikh Zayed, and still persisting nowadays.”

“Tolerance is the best way to build homes and protect societies because they renounce hatred and establish love and peace, away from all other considerations,” he summarized.

He concluded by saying: “We believe in the human aspect of individuals, in their rights and dignity, and this is a motto that we apply every day in all fields… Building homelands is our responsibility, in order to deliver them safeguarded to future generations; and our work today is a way to a safer, happier and more tolerant future, a future that believes in women and youth, promotes their skills and drives them towards knowledge and education, which are the bases for combating extremism and terrorism.”

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