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We are all Humans – Immigrants are also humans regardless of the passports they carry

The number of immigrants is increasing on an international scale more than ever before. In fact, there are currently about 250 million migrants in the world today and these numbers are expected to increase with the passing time.

In 2016, world leaders adopted the New York Declaration appointing the country to save lives, protect the rights of the migrants and share responsibility towards them. The New York Declaration promised to develop a global migration agreement by the year 2018.

The Global Compact for Migration will be the first comprehensive and integrated agreement on this issue and it falls under its obligations to contribute to the protection of migrants and the harnessing of benefits for all, as mentioned in its statement. In the following video, we shed light on the migrants’ conditions across the world, discussed during a two-day evaluation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with UN Special Representative for International Migration, Louise Arbor.



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