Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Visit of a delegation of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace to the Republic of North Macedonia

16-20 March 2021

A Delegation of the international organization Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (GCTP) lead by its President H.E. Ahmed Aljarwan held series of meetings in the Republic of North Macedonia from16th to 20th of March 2021.

On March 19, H.E. Aljarwan and his delegation had a meeting with H.E. Stevo Pendarovski, President of North Macedonia. The GCTP`s delegation presented the work of the organization and the importance of the representation or the country in its organs. It was highlighted that the establishment of the GCTP`s regional office in Skopje is of great significance and benefit for the country and its people and that will be provided full support in accordance with the institutional competencies and opportunities.

On March 18, the delegation had a meeting with the Vice Speaker of the Parliament and representative in the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace, H.E. Fadil Zendeli. The focus of the meeting was on the role of the Members of Parliaments in the promotion of tolerance and peace in these challenging times of a global pandemic. This meeting was an opportunity for H.E. Аljarwan to acquaint the Vice Speaker in detail with the work of the GCTP and to exchange opinions on current and future activities. H.E. Zendeli expressed sincere congratulations and great support for the mission and achievements of the GCTP. H.E. Zendeli gave in interview for a national news media and spoke about the GCTP and the newly established office in Skopje.

On March 19, H.E. Aljarwan and his delegation had a meeting with His Beatitude G.G. Stefan, Archbishop of Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric. They discussed several current developments related to tolerance and peace at the global level, and time was devoted to the global pandemic with COVID-19 and challenges arising from it. H.E. Aljarwan introduced His Beatitude to the projects and engagements of the GCTP, and the Archbishop reaffirmed the readiness of the Macedonian Orthodox Church for further cooperation in achieving the values of tolerance and peace.

On March 17, H.E. Aljarwan and his delegation had a meeting with Reisul Ulema H. Hfz. Shaqir ef. Fetai, Acting President of the Islamic Religious Community in North Macedonia. H.E. Aljarwan highlighted that the GCTP acknowledges the contribution in the affirmation of the Islamic community.

On March 18, H.E. Aljarwan and his delegation had a meeting with Assoc. D-r. Venko Filipche, Minister of Health of North Macedonia. The Мinister was introduced to the GCTP`s work and contribution to the global promotion of the values ​​of tolerance and peace, and discussed with the delegation about the opportunities for further support in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, including the possibility of donating vaccines. He expressed most sincere recognition and gratitude for the support that the GCTP provides in the global fight with the COVID-19.

On March 18, H.E. Aljarwan and his delegation had a meeting with Mr. Arafat Shabani, Deputy Minister of Education of North Macedonia. The Minister recognized the importance of promoting tolerance and peace as an educational component and stressed that coexistence and tolerance are key to effective education. The delegation stressed that investing in programs and trainings on topics related to tolerance and peace are a priority of the organization, and further cooperation is welcome and important for all actors.

On March 18, H.E. Aljarwan held a meeting with the IPTP`s Member from North Macedonia, H.E. Fadil Zendeli, Prof. Dr. Zoran Ilievski, and the staff of the newly established GCTP`s Office in Skopje. H.E. Aljarwan shared his vision of the role of the office in the region and globally, and highlighted the support that the GCTP is ready to provide for the office to function most effectively as regional hub of the GCTP and the IPTP for projects and initiatives.

On March 19, the leadership of the private high school “Yahya Kemal” received with the highest honors H.E. Aljarwan and Prof. Dr. Zoran Ilievski. Mr. Musa Tekkoyun shared with the esteemed guests a short biography of the school, its organization, various activities, competitions and achieved successes. He also spoke about the activities that the school undertook continuously, related to tolerance, peace and coexistence. The two sides agreed to start their constructive cooperation in the future with various projects.

During all meetings, H.E. Aljarwan was alerted that the situation in the country with the COVID-19 pandemic is critical. There is a constant growth of infections and lack of support, especially with vaccines. It was unanimous statement by all interlocutors, both from the religious communities and the state leadership, that pleaded for the United Arab Emirates to make a direct donation of vaccines to North Macedonia in any quantities it could spare for such a donation. H.E. Aljarwan received congratulations on the humanitarian aid and support that the GCTP has given to the IPTP`s member states. H.E. Aljarwan he expressed his most immense gratitude for the great support provided for the organization of the Macedonian state.

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