Global Council for Tolerance and Peace


Mr. Paul D. Gailah, a citizen hailing from Liberia’s northeastern county of Nimba, residing in Massachusetts, USA, has stressed the need for tolerance among citizens of the county.

Gailah, who is the President of the Nimba Association of Massachusetts (NAM), Incorporated, challenges Nimbaians-home and abroad-to be tolerant and united, so that they will progress in sustainably developing the County.

Addressing the launching and fund-raising program of UNITED NIMBA ASSOCIATION of DFW-Texas, USA, on September 1, 2018, Gailah noted that the strength of Nimbaians lies in diverse groups the county is endowed with, and so there is no need to exclude any of them. He spoke of the importance of diversity in unity, making reference to the various tribal groups in Nimba County including: Mano, Mandingo, Krahn, Gbi-Doru and Gio (Dan).

He spoke on the theme, “Unity, the Road Map for a Sustainable Progress,” adding, “As a matter of fact, diversity is one of the most powerful weapons that a people can have, and that’s what Nimba County has; we only need to have it utilized rightfully.”

According to him, any society where diversity and unity are the fundamental principles of a group or a country, there is no force to stop progress and development, naming the United States as an example.

“Nimbaians, I equate diversity to a team. A team can only be productive through unity, so also, only in union can diversity be productive. Disunity in our diversity with fragmentation will shift our focus from unity to envy, cultural, social, religious, political or ideological differences,” Gailah asserted.

He rallied his fellow citizens to foster unity, peace and love, indicating that it is through unity; that regardless of those differences they will remember the big picture, Liberia and Nimba. He maintained: “This is an uncompromising unity that we need as a people.”

Gailah expressed of conviction that the more united they will be, the more resilient and prosperous their County will become. “Even here at the organizational level, we need to care about one another, because unity at the national level can only be achieved, if it starts from within (with us), just as growth starts from within and out, so also is unity,” he reminded them.

The US-based Nimbaian admonished his fellow citizens to sacrifice for one another regardless of life circumstances, tribal differences and political or ideological differences. “Let’s appreciate our culture, and appreciate our fellow Nimbaians, and Liberians at large,” he averred.

Gailah used the occasion to challenge his fellow citizens who have excelled in life to use their achievements in impacting the lives of their people back home.

“We migrated to this country, and some have acquired education, others, wealth and so on, but the question remains, have those achievements impacted the lives of our county, village and brethren back home? In fact, I personally believe our achievements are meaningless, unless they benefit the lives of the less opportune,” he indicated.

Gailah told them that, if their accomplishments cannot help to accomplish someone else’s life, then they are worthless, because it is not all about them and their achievements. “I like to acquaint you with the fact that the good life we are enjoying in this country today is the direct result of other people’s sacrifices.  In fact, I must remind us, Liberians, that unless our mindset is changed, the new Liberia that we envision will remain a mere dream,” Gailah point out.

Meanwhile, the Nimba Association of Massachusetts President reminded his fellow citizens that, while it is good to read history, it is even better to be a part of the history making process.

The Nimba Association of Massachusetts is expected to hold a ground-breaking and fund-raising program on November 3, 2018, in Walker Town, near University of Liberia (UL) Fendell Campus, for the construction of a Nimba student center. Gailah and some executives of the Association are expected to grace the historic event.

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