Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

UNFPA MoU aims for international coexistence

NEW YORK, United States: The Constituent Council of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace and United Nations Population Fund signed a memorandum of understanding Friday, aiming for future cooperation in preventing extremism and promoting tolerance.

Chairman of the Constituent Council of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Jarwan signed the memorandum of understanding the UNFPA’s New York headquarters with Director of Governance and Multilateral Relations Kwabena Osei-Danquah.

“Our future vision stems from the firm conviction that the achievement of international peace in our time depends on the ability of the international community and various governmental and non-governmental bodies to promote a culture of tolerance among people,” Jarwan said, adding that a key element of the memorandum would be the implementation of “joint programs, events, and conferences to promote tolerance.”

Jarwan also hoped that the memorandum of understanding would pave the way for more pre-emptive diplomatic efforts “to prevent conflicts before they erupt.”

The agreement will primarily target youth internationally.

“The forces of extremism and the enemies of peace have worked for years to plant malicious ideas in the minds of young people to provoke sedition and stir them up,” Jarwan added.



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