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UAE tolerance: Emirates is a country for all religions, races and people, says Sheikh Nahyan

Speaking on the International Day of Peace, the minister of tolerance also said the country works to resolve crises wherever it can

The UAE welcomes people of all religions and races, as Sheikh Zayed himself did decades ago, according to the country’s minister of tolerance.

Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak also said the country will work to help “solve Arab, regional and international tensions, disputes and crises”, wherever it can.

Speaking on the International Day of Peace, the minister said today’s leaders follow the example of the founding president, and “his efforts to achieve peace and happiness for the nations and peoples… and respect for individuals, regardless of race, religion, culture and ideology”, according to national news agency Wam.

Sheikh Nahyan, a long-serving minister in the government, also reiterated the UAE’s commitment to the United Nations and UN Charter, “and its respect for international charters and laws, especially regarding upholding human rights, achieving peace, promoting tolerance, respecting diversity and rejecting all forms of terrorism, violence, intolerance, extremism, discrimination and hatred”.

At a time of conflict in the region and farther afield, he said the country will continue “its efforts to promote communication, dialogue and joint cooperation”.

The International Day of Peace, often referred to as World Peace Day, was first marked in 1982.

The United Nations Peace Bell, which was forged from coins donated by children of all continents, will be rung at the organization’s headquarters later on Friday, to remind people of the human cost of war.

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