Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

The Media and Communication Office of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace honors the media

The commander of the western sector in the peacekeeping forces, General Fabbri, praised the goals of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace and its efforts at the international level to instil a culture of peace and peace-building.

The Mayor of Rmeish, Mr. Fadi Makhoul, stressed the importance of the role of the Global Council and the encouragement of Rmeich of the culture of tolerance and peace and the role of media in the dissemination and promotion of this culture.

The Media and Communication Office of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, in collaboration with the municipality of Rmeich, organized a trip featuring Tolerance and Peace titled “A’Darb Al-Janoub” to Rmeich. The event included a group of media figures, UNIFIL leaders in the South, official and spiritual figures and associations and personalities concerned with Tolerance and Peace.

The trip started off from Beirut Downtown and included representatives of the media. The first stop was breakfast at Al-Forno in Khalde, hosted by the president of the Lebanese Union of Bakeries Syndicates, Mr. Kazem Ibrahim.

In Tyre, the Protocol committee of the Municipality of Tyre received the media group in a tour of the city’s landmarks and presented to the media and communication office of GCTP an encyclopedia of its publication introducing the ancient city of Tyre.

The trip continued along the blue Mediterranean and the splendid landscapes of Naqoura. The delegation arrived at Rmeich where it was warmly welcomed by the Mayor and the Municipal Council to a luncheon at Mountain Gate Resort, where many journalists and the leaders of UNIFIL was honored. Among the names of those honored was:

The commander of the western sector of UNIFIL in the South, Italian General Paolo Fabbri, the commander of the Gabon battalion in the South, William Notti, the Irish battalion Assistant Commander Garry McKeon, General Ali Qanso, General Director of the Directorate of Orientation in the Lebanese Army, President of Lebanese Press Club Bassam Abu Zeid, George Awad Communication and Information Officer at the UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut, Yazbek Wehbe, Raghida Dergham President of Beirut Institute, Kamil Abdallah, Head of Reports and Actuality Department in Radio Lebanon, Dany Haddad, Chief Editor of MTV Website, Jad Abou Jaoudeh, news director of OTV, Youmna Cherry, Johnny Fadlallah, CEO of lips management, George Najem, General Manager of Noise and Clementine, Media Consultant Elsy Baddour, and Hossam Harb, managing partner of Soap Box.

The Chief Communication Officer of GCTPNews, Rita Hage launched the ceremony by welcoming the audience and thanked the initiative of the Mayor of Rmeich, Fadi Makhoul for hosting this great media event and praised the honored Figures.

The members of the Media and Communication Office of the Council presented a trophy to Mayor Fadi Makhoul as a token of thanks and appreciation for his cooperation and hospitality, which in turn thanked the members of the media office of the Council and the attendees.

General Fabbri also presented an honorary trophy to the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace.

The master of ceremony was Christelle Mahfouz, and the media relations manager, Marlene Wehbe, participated in the medals’ distribution. The event included a performance by singer Chady Nasr.

At the end, the Honorees, the Mayor and members of the media office of the Global Council cut the cake celebrating the occasion.

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