Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

President of the GCTP praises the agreement of the two Koreas

His Excellency Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Jarwan, President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (GCTP), praised the two Koreas’ decision to end the war and change the ceasefire agreement for a peace agreement. He expressed the Council’s appreciation for this extraordinary event, which came as a result of a courageous initiative which brought together the South Korean President Moon Jaen-in, and the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un in the demilitarized border area.

Al-Jarwan considered that “It has become urgent to work on highlighting convergence aspects of peoples in more efficient ways, especially that a culture of tolerance is a social necessity that must be instilled in human consciousness to become an integral part of our basic convictions. Tolerance increases the sense of stability and security and promotes the prosperity and progress of societies, so it should be developed at an international level, in addition to developing a global developed and comprehensive strategy that addresses the root causes of wars, terrorism, extremism, violence and discrimination in all forms.”

Al-Jarwan also praised President Kim Jong-un’s speech saying that “We are at the starting line where a new history of peace is being written,” confirming “the GCTP’s support for this initiative and all initiatives that contribute to uphold the values of tolerance and establish the principles of peace and respect for each other, thus building bridges of communication and exchange of cultures and experiences. So we have work to do together, globally, for the highest of all issues, which is peace.”

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