Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

President of Kosovo grants HE Al Jarwan title of Goodwill Ambassador

The President of the Republic of Kosovo M. Hashem Thaçi granted HE M. Ahmed bin Mohamed Aljarwan, President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, the title of Goodwill Ambassador, as a deep appreciation of his remarkable efforts in promoting the culture of dialogue and peace.
Al Jarwan thanked the President of the Republic of Kosovo for his initiative, which reflects Kosovo’s commitment to the principles of openness, dialogue, respect of freedoms, tolerance and peace, in facing extremism, isolation, radicalism, discrimination, violence and hatred, these phenomena that are mushrooming in many places in the world, threatening communities and world peace.
Aljarwan underlined the necessity and importance of international cooperation through national and regional parliaments and through the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace, as well as the media, universities, and institutions that ought to cultivate the values of humanity, tolerance, and peace.
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