Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Preparations Completed for the Second Session of the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace (IPTP) in Tirana This Week

Preparations are completed for the second session of the IPTP that is going to be held in Tirana, capital of Albania, from 14 to 16 November at the invitation of its President Taulant Balla, with the participation of GTP President His Excellency Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al-Jarwan, heads of parliaments and ministers from various countries and continents.
The session is scheduled to open in the building of the Albanian parliament, in the following order:
1- Speech of the Albenian Parliament’s Speaker
2- Speech of the President
3- Speech of the Albenian Prime Minister
4- Speech of the European Parliament’s Speaker
5- Speech of the African Parliament’s Speaker
6- Speech of the Parlatino Parliament’s Speaker
7- Speech of the Maltese Parliament’s Speaker
8- Speech of the UN representative
9- Speech of the President of IPTP “H.E. Taulant Balla”
10- Speech of the GCTP’S President
11- Section for showing a film introducing the IPTP and its activities
The session will include the reports of the Permanent Committees as follows:
1- Committee of International Relations’ report and recommendations
2- Committee of Legal Affairs’ report (presenting the bylaws draft of the IPTP for discussion) and recommendations
3- Committee of Women and Youth’s report and recommendations
4- Committee of Sustainable Development’s report and recommendations
5- Committee of Peace and Tolerance Building’s report and recommendations
The IPTP President will then deliver a closing speech, and the door will open for the matter of hosting the third session in February 2019 and deciding on the matter.

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