Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

On the International Day of Peace, AlJarwan calls on everyone to engage, act and build

Every year, the International Day of Peace , World Peace Day,  is celebrated  on the 21 September, by observing 24 hours of ceasefire and nonviolence. This Day was declared by UN General Assembly in 1981,  with different themes that are relevant to the ongoing global events. This year’s theme is “Recovering Better for an Equitable and Sustainable World”.

On this Special Day, and while the world is striving to heal from COVID 19 pandemic and its social and economic consequences,  the president of the  Global council for Tolerance and Peace, H.E. Ahmed Bin Mohamed AlJarwan calls on everyone to reconsider who we are and what we value and rediscover the better version of ourselves by promoting more constructive patterns in applying the values of Tolerance and Peace .

Aljarwan, also said,“ The time for change is clearly ripening, to unify our efforts to  build a sustainable future and a peaceful and stable world. by spreading the values of  tolerance and peace, appreciating our human values and human relationships, stopping discrimination, wars, terrorism, and violence, and investing in education, sciences, medicine and technology.”

As the World Peace day, is observed at the individual and organizational levels, AlJarwan  invites its members, partners and collaborators to engage creatively and collectively in helping everyone recover better,  though different activities such as humanitarian aid, environment projects, interfaith gatherings, nonviolence forums, youth peacebuilding, and  many others, to act collectively to successfully get through these troubling times, and to build a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

AlJarwan also addresses the world to stand up united for an equitable recovery, to make peace with one another, and fight hatred and discrimination so that we can take  part of the achievement of peace all over the world.

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