Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Japanese Ambassador Masahiro Yamaguchi to the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace: “Promoting knowledge and development serves the culture of peace”

Japanese Ambassador Masahiro Yamaguchi said in an exclusive statement to the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace: “It is true that Japan is famous for its technical projects, but the spirit of these projects imparts good, constructive and purposeful knowledge that serves to spread the culture of peace and security in the world and for the world.”

Ambassador Yamaguchi stated: “Japan has always been a supporter of peace, instilling a culture of development, openness, exchange of cultures, promotion of human values and moral principles.”

He then added: “As part of our diplomatic work, we are always trying to spread the culture and spirit of peace through our work, partnerships and projects, especially in promoting sustainable development work in cooperation with municipalities, as well as through supporting educational projects that promote the concept of knowledge and positive behavior and its importance in establishing a culture of tolerance and peace.”

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