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International Religious Freedom Day / IRCCE President Dr. Arben Ramkaj. “The people who do not remember his past are destined to repeat it.

Inter- Religious Collaboration Center in Elbasan in cooperation with the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination organized an event on the occasion of World Freedom of Religion Day. Attending the event were the highest leaders of religious beliefs in the district of Elbasan, Mayor of Elbasan, Qazimi Sejdini, Parliament Member Mr. Taulant Balla, representatives of civil society and many other local and national actors.

The opening speech was held by the Co-ordinator of the Interfaith Cooperation Center, Sokol Lulgjuraj who among other things thanked the participants for their participation in this important day for Albania and for the whole world. Then he passed the word, Dr. Arben Ramkaj, who is also the President of the Interfaith Cooperation Center. In his speech Dr. Ramkaj expressed the importance of commemorating this day, internationally marked, in Albania, as our country is the only country in the world that religion has been fought by law. Among others Dr. Ramkaj said that The people who do not remember his past are destined to repeat it.
Then the speech was received by the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination, Robert Gajda, who initially thanked IRCCE which, according to him – is a tangible evidence of religious harmony not only as an ideal but also in practice and for the good of the community. Among other things Gajda emphasized that the Memorial that we make this year coincides with the 20th anniversary of the United States of America’s adoption by the 1998 Act on Freedom of Religion expressing the will for a foreign policy in respect, empowerment and protection of rights of individuals persecuted by other countries for reasons of faith.
Also present at this event was the Director of the Security Files Authority Mrs. Genta Mara, who emphasize the importance of recognizing the painful history of the Albanian clergy. For his assault and denigration by the communist regime, more information is needed to recognize their sacrifice to maintain the faith and harmony that has always existed in the Albanian people.
Mayor of Elbasan in his speech said that it is really true that this activity is being realized in Elbasan, as our city is famous in terms of Religious Tolerance.


  1. MP of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, thanking IRCCE for this initiative, said that on this day should have been organized activities not only in Elbasan but throughout Albania, for the fact that Albania is internationally recognized for Tolerance and Religious Harmony.
    The United States of America, through the adoption of the 1998 Freedom of Religion Act, expressed the will for a foreign policy in respecting, strengthening and protecting the rights of individuals persecuted by other countries for reasons of faith.
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