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International Islamic University (IIU) Inculcating Balanced Approach Among Students

President International Islamic University Islamabad Dr. Ahmed Yousif Ahmed Al Draiweesh Friday said, that International Islamic University (IIU) Islamabad was endeavoring to inculcate a moderate approach among students.

“Unfortunately, Extremism is associated with an Islam which is a totally wrong perception as our religion disseminates message of love for all, peace, tolerance, humanity and respect”, he said. Addressing the concluding ceremony of two-day workshop on “Muslim Women as an Agent of Change to Promote Peace, Tolerance and Social Reciprocity for Countering Violent Extremism” jointly organized by IIU and Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA), he said, Muslims were not pursuing teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in their lives which was main cause of their decline.

He stated that revival of fundamental lessons of Islam was the only way to strengthen ourselves and regain our status internationally. It is time to counter extremism, he said adding, the only way to get this objective was possible through adopting balance and moderate approach in our day to day business.

“Our university has taken the initiative to disseminate this concept and for the purpose women role is pivotal as they have to up bring children and build their mind. Women teach children the difference between right and wrong and how to tolerate negative thoughts of others with patience and respect.” Issue resolving skills and attitude of tolerance among personalities should be basic factor of our new generation which could be taught only by women as their different roles in society including mothers, daughters, wives and sisters to bring a change in their family members.

Prof. Dr. Asma Shakir, Department of Peace and Development Studies, National Defence University Islamabad, informed the participants that our perspective in others eyes was our identity. “The perception of a nation is built by its portrayal in media, books, movies, documentaries etc.

which sketch its image in minds of those who do not have personal interaction with them and it is more important than reality. A general concept and personal liking and disliking also played a major role in construction of image building, she said adding, reacting on wrong perceptions in a peaceful, tolerant and respectable way was more influential which left positive impact on the minds of others rather than being violent, Dr.

Asma said. “In our domestic and social framework, women have the responsibility to makeup minds of younger generation who can bring change in society through their knowledge and wisdom”, she remarked.

If women voice was considered in decision making, the societies would be more peaceful because their first priority is to safeguard their children and ensure conducive environment for healthy brought up of her children.

Women can change conflict-based world views to peace-based narrative through inculcating skills of control over anger, reading the psychology, organizational behavior and social norms of the respondent and tackle them logically without being rude, she said.

Member National Assembly, Farhana Qamar and Prof. Azra Saeed Awan, Head of Department, (HOD), Foundation University, also shared their views on the occasion.

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