Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Happy Labor Day, from the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace.

By H.E. Ahmed Al Jarwan,
President, Global Council of Tolerance and Peace

1st of May, the international Labor Day or May day, is celebrated all over the world to remind us of the sacrifices of the workers who laid their lives for their rights, and to acknowledge the importance of workers and their role for the economic development of any country.

But this year, it is different!  

It is celebrated in a special way: digitally via the internet, the modified approach to life that had become familiar during the COVID-19 crisis.

It is celebrated in a strange way: many workers are risking their job, health and living environment because of the huge risk that coronavirus has posed.

During COVID-19 Pandemic new heroes have showed up on the frontlines, side by side with the health and medical workers , those are the Transport and Taxi drivers, grocery store staff, delivery drivers, maintenance workers, cleaners, fire workers, protective workers, farmers, chefs, sanitation workers and many others risking their lives to help and support us.  

It is very essential to thank those workers involved in maintaining the everyday services required by society during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the other hand, the spread of COVID-19 had serious implications not only on the health but also on the economy. The closure of the business companies, factories, and industrial establishment has made some workers more vulnerable than before.

Employers and employees should show great understanding and support for each, while the community is striving to turn a crisis into an opportunity for progress. They should hold hands during this time, by offering some sacrifice to keep business going and so that more jobs can be saved.  Those workers will remember and return the kindness, serve loyally and help their businesses survive. They will be in a better position to rebuild when the economy begins to recover.

It is the responsibility of each one of us to maintain community stability and work on boosting the conditions for the post COVID-19 Pandemic economic recovery by responding immediately to the global socio-economic call of action focusing on epidemic- relief initiatives, recovery plans and programs, and sustainable development programs.

Let’s Support Businesses, Invest in our workforce, Take care of our people, and Don’t drop our manpower from the first sign of trouble. Let’s Stay Together and United to Conquer COVID-19.

Happy Labor Day!

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