Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Global Council for Tolerance and Peace celebrates The International Peace Day

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (GTTP) celebrates the International Peace Day that was declared by the United Nations General Assembly to be on September 21 of each year, in order to praise and promote ideals of peace among all nations and peoples.
In a statement in this regard, the President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, His Excellency Ahmad bin Mohammad Aljarwan, said that the International Peace Day is an important international occasion which must inspire us to continue to work for promoting peace, love and tolerance around the world with the aim of ensuring security, safety and stability among the nations, and to work on solving all the conflicts through proper means, dialogue and understanding, and avoiding the tragedies and scourges of war which human societies have suffered from.
Mr. Aljarwan, affirmed that the Council with all of its members and partners, and through its different bodies, the most important of which are the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace “IPTP” and the General Assembly for Tolerance and Peace, work on cultivating the culture of tolerance around the world and in all fields , specifically culture, education and media, in addition to developing the international laws in a way that would promote tolerance and peace and would achieve stability and prosperity for all the nations.

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