Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

GCTP Condemns Attempt to Assassinate Hamdok

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (GCTP) has condemned an attempt to assassinate Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok after his convoy was targeted with a car bomb in the Sudanese capital city of Khartoum on Monday.

The GCTP President Ahmad bin Mohammad Aljarwan said in a statement following the failed assassination attempt, that the council seriously works all around the world for mobilizing the international efforts to fight and face the thought which nurtures such terrorist operations.

Aljarwan congratulated the Sudanese PM and the great Sudanese people on his safety and his  escape from that coward incident.

Aljarwan affirmed that the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace stands by the side of the free Sudanese people who aspire for peace, security, stability and development, and it hails the efforts of the Sudanese Government in that domain, asserting that those who stand behind such operations don’t want the goodness and peace for the Sudanese people or the region.

The GCTP President called for mobilizing international efforts for fighting whoever stands behind extremism and terrorism by all means, particularly the intellectual, educational, cultural and media means, and for consolidating the values of tolerance which would guarantee a safer and more peaceful future for our societies.

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