Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Final declaration of International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace

Sixth Plenary Session, July 16, 2021
Parliament of Montenegro, Podgorica

The President of the Global Council of Tolerance and Peace, along with the President of the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace, the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, diplomats of countries, representatives of universities, and civil society organizations gathered in Podgorica on July 16, 2021, to renew their commitment to the noble mission of the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace by:

Referring to the responsibilities of the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace by its practiced values and its competencies,

Reaffirming the values of tolerance and peace, in full respect to the UN Charter,

Recognizing the crucial role of promotion of the values ​​of tolerance and peace in the emerging global developments,

Emphasizing the growing international representativeness in the organization, the enhanced cooperation, and continuous action worldwide,

Condemning all acts of violence and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law by all parties in conflicts, such as the abhorrent assassination of the President in Haiti, the misusage of political authority in Somalia, or the armed conflict in the Central African Republic, 

Supporting the Parliament of Libya for a peaceful transition, safety and prosperity of all its citizens,

Taking into consideration the necessity for expansion and strengthening of global coalitions to meet today’s society needs,

Agreeing to forge deeper, broader, and more effective collaboration to promote the good humanitarian values of tolerance and peace and by that improve the quality of life of all human beings in our societies.

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