المجلس العالمي للتسامح والسلام

Arithmetic of War…

By: Dr. Hersh Chadha

Dr. Hersh Chadha

My lecture today is about a very amazing subject called “arithmetic of war”.

Why does war take place? And what are the mathematics of war?

War doesn’t mean that you will succeed or loose, because no one ever wins or looses in war, but simply, there is a burden in humanity that creates frictions, that people try to solve through war which is not the solution neither a reason to sort out conflicts, dialogue, peace and soft power is. I have a strong feeling that war has taken a new shape in the field of terrorism, because terrorists’ and terrorism’s ideologies are very difficult and very different then the ideologies of fighting a war.

Ancient history has taught us that war has always been fought for land possession or in the names of kings and queens, but real victims of war have always been, not the armies, but the innocent lives lost between the armies.

Terrorism is an ideology which breeds content and gives the right to kill while it is not legal, claiming that it is right to kill during a war. Society does not accept terrorism but it accepts war. It is so strange that all leaders in the world are looking for the same thing, but are using the wrong means, like war and terrorism, to get to it. Very few leaders are looking at it through the right process of dialogue and understanding which lead to peace. In all cases, war and terrorism ideology should be approached through soft power not hard power, because soft power is the only language that people want to hear and the only language they understand.

When it comes to understanding youth, you have to think like them to be able understand how they feel and how they act. An adult can never succeed in explaining to the youth’s mind without approaching their way of think.

Not very long time ago, during the world war 2, millions of people died and many lives were destroyed all over the world for no real reason.

To sum it up, I can only say one thing: “You don’t have to burn the Roman Empire to save Rome. You should be smart enough to save Rome before you burn the Roman Empire.”

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