Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Argentine Chamber of Deputies President meets with Al Jarwan

BUENOS AIRES, 26th June, 2019 — Emilio Monzo, President of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, yesterday met with Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Jarwan, President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, and his delegation, at the Congress in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires.

Monzo welcomed Al Jarwan and his delegation and thanked them for choosing Argentina as the venue of the council’s third meeting during its visit to Latin America, which aims to discuss the joint efforts to reinforce and promote the values of tolerance and peace around the world.

He also relayed his happiness at hosting the council’s meeting and praised its efforts to promote tolerance and peace around the world while highlighting the related role and achievements of Al Jarwan.

Monzo expressed his appreciation for Argentina’s presidency of the International Parliament of Tolerance and Peace, a branch of the Council, and expressed his country’s happiness at hosting the third session of the parliament from 25th to 27th June at the Palace of the Argentine Congress.

During the meeting, Dr. Al Jarwan explained the work of the council and the parliament. The delegation will travel to San Juan Province, as part of its visit to Argentina.

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