Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Al Jarwan praises the initiative of Presidents Sisi, Tayeb, Tawadros: A good example of tolerance and peace for other peoples

HE Ahmed bin Mohammed Aljarwan, President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, praised the message of peace and tolerance which the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi reiterated, through his patronage and participation in the opening of the Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ in Egypt last Sunday evening, with the participation of the Egyptian red cross and Red Crescent during the celebrations of Christmas, given the importance of coexistence and dialogue and the convergence of religions.

Aljarwan addressed letters to the President of the Republic of Egypt, the Grand Imam Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Al-Tayeb, Sheikh Al-Azhar, Pope Twadros II of Alexandria and the Patriarch of St. Mark, congratulating them on their courageous initiative and sharing one heart and one hand in the opening of the mosque and the Cathedral, as well as participating in the Christmas mess, and giving speeches reaffirming mutual respect, respect of religious and humanitarian values, and coexistence.

Aljarwan said in his message to President Al-Sisi: “It is imperative for the Cross to embrace the Crescent in the skies of Egypt to indicate the importance of coexistence not only between religions but between all peoples.”

He added: “I am honored to salute your noble initiative which will make this exceptional and historic event an occasion to affirm the strength and solidity of the Egyptian family and therefore the Arab family.”

It is a pride for Egypt, the church and the mosque that your message, a message of tolerance and peace, breaks religious, doctrinal, sectarian and racist barriers and gives a good example to the rest of the peoples to uphold the principle of tolerance, peace, unity and coexistence among all religions and sects.

In this great respect, I hope, along with the family of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, that your efforts be crowned with greater success, especially as the world today is in dire need of your kind initiatives to confront extremism, discrimination and violence through dialogue and a culture of tolerance, love and peace.

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