Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Al Jarwan meets with UNHCR advisor

HE Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Jarwan, President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (GCTP), and his accompanying delegation met with Prince Jaime de Bourbon, Senior Advisor to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees for Private Partnerships, at the UNHCR headquarters in Geneva, Switerland.

Al-Jarwan presented to His Highness Prince De Bourbon the role of the GCTP and its objectives, and its efforts to spread a culture of tolerance and peace around the world as an ideal solution for building a secure future, away from conflict, extremism and terrorism for all peoples of the world. Al Jarwan also presented the way to which the council refers, to achieve these goals, underlining the importance of strengthening different international relations and partnerships with countries, governments, parliaments, religious and educational organizations and institutions, and various media means in order to spread a culture of tolerance and peace.
Al Jarwan stressed the importance of communication and joint work between the Council and the UNHCR for the benefit of the peace in the world and in order to promote sustainable development in less developed countries, which the Council considers as one of the most important ways to address refugee issues around the world.

For his part, HRH Prince De Bourbon, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Special Adviser, praised the role of Al Jarwan and that of the GCTP, and stressed the importance of cooperation between the Commission and the Council in light of the extremism and terrorism the world is facing recently. He also praised the council and its organs’ initiatives that work on finding radical and far-sighted solutions to those problems, which would thus build a safer and more peaceful future for our future generations.

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