Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Ahmed Al-Jarwan Chairman of the Arab Experts Union

The Board of Directors of the Arab Experts Union elected HE Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Jarwan (UAE) President of the Union during the meeting of the General Assembly of the Union in the city of Berrechid in the Kingdom of Morocco, which was held under the slogan of (From Establishing to Foundation) with the support of the Moroccan authorities to facilitate all necessary matters to ensure a success work for the Union.
The Honorary President of the Union, Dr. Nasser Al-Mohaimeed of Saudi Arabia, commenced the meeting in which he praised the efforts of the Union’s experts to serve their nation and their countries, and to provide a summary of their long experiences in various fields to serve the Arab people, their wealth and nation, explaining that each beginning has its difficulties, and with much hardship comes successes.
Dr. Al-Mohaimeed thanked the Kingdom of Morocco, the King, the Government and the people, for hosting this Assembly and for embracing the central headquarters of the Union in the city of Berrechid.
For his part, the new president of the Arab Experts Union, Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Jarwan, said that Arab experts have great challenges and promising opportunities that must be exploited to serve the Arab world and to present it to the contemporary world in a bright way, calling for focusing on professionalism and objectivity in the work of the members and away from political aspects, And the need to consolidate the media discourse, while striving to register the Union in the League of Arab States as a civil society institution, as well as the Arab Economic and Social Council, to reach the registration of the Arab Experts Union in the United Nations and relevant international organizations.
Al-Jarwan is currently the President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace and presided over the Arab Parliament for two consecutive terms.
The General Assembly of the Arab Experts Union elected three Vice-Chairmen: Dr. Hani Fitiany of Saudi Arabia, Expert Abdullah Yemini Ziadeh of Lebanon, and expert Dr. Abdelhamid Jouaishat of Morocco.
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