Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

2018 World Youth Forum Recommendations

Chairwoman of the National Academy for Youth Training and Rehabilitation Rasha Ragheb said that the realms covered in the forum included peace, development, and creativity, and were discussed by 141 speakers. 

-The launch of the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Forum to be hosted annually by rotation among member states. 

-The launch of the Economic Euro-Mediterranean Forum to examine investment opportunities, and the Euro-Mediterranean Model. 

 The organization of Young African Entrepreneurs Forum on the sidelines of the WYF. 
 The launch of One Africa Initiative to be a platform that achieves integration among states importing and exporting raw material, and those manufacturing. 
– Boosting the role of volunteering in African countries. 
 Tailoring programs at the National Academy for Youth Training and Rehabilitation to train youth on volunteer work in different fields locally, regionally, and internationally. 

 The creation of a research committee to study social media impact, and set a strategy to achieve maximum benefit, minimize negative effects, and protect children from cyber-bullying. 
– The foundation of the National Council for Entrepreneurship. 
– Offering training programs for young entrepreneurs in different fields by the National Academy for Youth Training and Rehabilitation. 

Recommendations by the Model of Arab African Summit (MAAS) include 
 The establishment of an Arab-African Fund to support post-conflict peacebuilding and reconstruction. 
 The establishment of an Arab-African Fund for SMEs. 
 Setting a mechanism to fight terrorism. 
 The introduction of the Zoweil-Theiler Prize to be awarded to outstanding researchers from Arab and African countries. 
 The introduction of cyber protection awareness programs in the curricula taught at schools and universities as recommended by participants. 

Ragheb announced that Singularity University granted scholarships for two participants in the forum. One is Egyptian and the other is Nigerian. She also announced that the World Youth Theater will work all year long and not just during the forum. 

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