Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Global Council for Tolerance and Peace set up with headquarters in Valletta

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace has been established in Malta, with its general headquarters in Valletta. The Council’s President said that Malta’s choice was made following support by the Government and also because the country is a good example for the spreading of tolerance and peace values in the world.

Speaking during the official ceremony, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that populist movements are spreading messages of hatred instead of unity, and therefore he added no one can rest his mind that peace and stability are guaranteed.

Dr Muscat said that words and hatred crimes have no place in a democratic country, stating that the brutal killing of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia showed Malta was not exempted.

He said that the Government’s aim is to ensure that citizens exploit their potential free from fear, discrimination and oppression. He said that Malta has an open door for all those who want to promote peace and build a better world for future generations.

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace President, Ahmed Bin Mohammed al-Jarwan, said that the world is facing great challenges with terrorism, hatred, racism and extremism. He said that these go beyond reason and every border or country. Ethnic minorities are being destroyed and he stated that this Council was set up to build bridges in favour of a tolerant and peaceful culture in the world.

We chose Malta and we know that the location of Malta, this history of Malta, is a good example to spread a culture of tolerance among the world.

Foreign Minister Carmelo Abela described the Council’s inauguration as a needed initiative in the wake of crisis and wars in the world. The initiative is the result of efforts made by former Foreign Minister George Vella and ambassador Alfred Zarb.

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