Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Tolerance Studies and Global Peace, first of its kind Master’s Program by the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, announced the launch of the first of its kind master’s program in Tolerance Studies and Global peace as a joint degree with the University of Ubiquity, accredited in UK, during the 6th session of the International parliament for Tolerance and Peace, that was held in Montenegro . The program aims to nurture and equip graduates with innovative knowledge and skills and to meeting the community’s needs for living together in harmony and stability.

In this Regard, the President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, H.E. Ahmed AlJarwan said “Openness and comprehension toward other people should be our way in educating our children from kindergarten to Postgraduate level, showing them the diverse culture and backgrounds, and fundamentals of shared humanity.” He also emphasized on teaching them the importance of refusing violence and adopting peaceful means for resolving disagreements and conflicts as it was mentioned in all religions and called the council’s members, its partners and its collaborators to forge in the next generations feelings of openness, and respect towards others, solidarity and sharing based on a sense of security in one’s own identity and a capacity to recognize the many dimensions of being human in different cultural and social contexts.

He all invited students from all over the world to register and take the privilege of being the first graduate of the first of its kind master’s program in Tolerance Studies and Global Peace, where the council will offer many Academic scholarship in Tolerance and Peace for distinguished students living in difficult conditions and coming from countries in great need for tolerance advocators and peace builders.

Believing that higher education has a key role to play in preparing changemakers, leaders, entrepreneurs, critical thinkers, and decision-makers, the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace has developed a Master’s program of Tolerance Studies and Global Peace to meet society’s needs from economic, cultural, and community engagement perspectives.

This program was one of the recommendations of the “Academic Trends in Higher Education for Tolerance Conference” that was held in Malta in October 2019, under the patronage of the president of Malta, H.E. Dr. George Vella. An Academic advisory board has been formed at that time, composed of prominent professors from prestigious universities from all around the world : University of Maine (USA), University of Texas at Austin (USA), University of Hamline (USA), University of Sussex (UK), University of Guadalajara (Mexico), University of ELBeder (Albania) and University of Lisbon (Portugal).

The program covers the following knowledge areas : Communication, Innovation & Creativity, Dialogue , Conflict Transformation , Critical Thinking , Conflict Analysis , Influencing and Effecting Change Empowerment , Community Engagement, and Adopting peaceful means for resolving disagreements and conflicts.

And the following learning outcomes are :

  • Think and reason critically, and analytically
  • Communicate the solutions to world issues with high confidence and professionalism
  • Work responsibly and creatively as an individual or as a member or leader of a team in multidisciplinary environments.
  • Acquire information and appreciate the need for lifelong learning
  • Assess the impact of the global, national and regional problems on the economic, social, and political environment.
  • Transfer the knowledge of theories, concepts, and research methods in the field and apply them in research design and data analysis.
  • Interpret and analyze data from a variety of sources
  • Analyze current and persistent situations
  • Conduct research
  • Design and implement Tolerance and Peace means in resolving current issues in or among identity groups, governments, organizations, civil society or corporations.
  • Develop and sustain arguments, by utilizing evidence.

The Master’s Program in Tolerance Studies and Global Peace is a research-based program for 2 years, students are required to defend their master’s thesis at the end of their second year , and to select the track that matches their career objectives : Technology, Innovation and Leadership in Tolerance and Peace or Human Rights, International Organization and Public Diplomacy .

The council is working now with its member states to offer this program to their countries and help them implement it in their universities .

The program will graduate Human/Civil Rights Officers, Peacebuilders, Tolerance advocators, Media Critics/Specialists, Public Advocates/Activists, Community Mediators, Governmental Advisors, International Negotiators, Legal Advocates and others.

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