Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Tolerance and Peace

Tolerance is a congenital, religious, cultural and human concept, and the spread of tolerance value creates peace, love and harmony, whether between states or peoples, or even among the people of the same country. Also, tolerance rejects the concepts of extremism, antagonism, racism or abuse because of religion, color, race, or gender.
Believing in the importance and necessity to publish the culture of tolerance, United Nations and its organization, UNESCO, officially approved the establishment of the global council for tolerance and peace, which is currently chaired by His Excellency / Ahmed bin Muhammad Al Jarwan, the former President of the Arab Parliament, and also approved the International Day for Tolerance and Peace.
When Allah created people, His majesty created them into nations and tribes to know each other, love and build intimacy with each other. Allah, almighty, sent messengers with holy books that adopt those concepts that call for tolerance and peace as well as the good for the humankind. Our prophet Muhammed (peace and prayers be upon him) reflects the best example for tolerance. In the conquest of Mekkah (fateh Mekkah), after Muhammed (peace and prayers be upon him) by Allah will triumphed over Mekkah people who fought him, lied him; they even conspired to get rid of him and expelled him. Muhammed (peace and prayers be upon him) said to them “what do think I am going to do?”. They respond” you are a good brother and the son of good man”. Muhammed (peace and prayers be upon him) then replied “off you go, you are free”.
Is there more tolerance than what our master Essa, peace be upon him, did? If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also, and what is mentioned in many texts of the Bible about tolerance, love and peace, the culture of tolerance has always been associated with stability, which is an environment conducive to development, advancement, and reconstruction of the country and the welfare of the people while extremism calls for Hatred, rivalry, chaos, destruction of nations, disasters and famines.
The political solutions that Egypt and its wise leadership call for following in solving all problems and crises in various Countries and distancing from military solutions is a call for tolerance and peace.
In this great day, let our morals be tolerance and we should be among those whom Allah, Almighty, praised in saying: “And those who curb their anger and those who forgive people.” Allah Almighty is Truthful
Major General Saad El-Jammal
Member of the House of Representatives
Member of the Arab Parliament
Committee on Political, Foreign and National Security Affairs.

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