المجلس العالمي للتسامح والسلام

My gift to you on the New Year..Ahmed Aljarwan

“The Trip is very Short”

A girl was sitting in a bus, when the bus stopped and a woman boarded it. She sat next to the girl and run into her and her bags…
The man saw what is happening and got upset and asked the girl why she did not speak and say something to the messy woman…!!
The girl replied with a smile:
It isn’t necessary to be cruel and argue over something trivial,” the trip is short” and I will get off at the next station.
These words “the trip is short “deserve to be written with gold and to apply them in our daily actions.”
It isn’t necessary to be cruel and to argue over everything because the “trip is short”.
If everyone of us is aware that our trip in life is “Short”, we will not make it dark, full of dispute, intolerance with others and bad manners, and without thanking Allah for his graces, we will save our effort and time from being lost.
Has anybody broken your heart…?
Be calm as the “trip is short.”
Has anyone betrayed, cheated or mocked you…?
Be calm as the “trip is short.”
No matter what kind of injustice you have received from someone, let us always remember that the” trip is short.”

Has he forgotten your favor, your standing by his side and the attention you paid to him…!
Be calm as the “trip is short.”
Has he done something wrong to you, or hasn’t he respected you or appreciated you….!
Be calm as the “trip is short.”
So let’s make our hearts full of love and peace and let’s thank Allah for his graces…
As love is a feeling for the greats, and not for the cowards or those who have bad manners….
“Our trip is short” and we can’t return to it after leaving it….
Nobody knows the duration of his trip…
Nobody knows if he will stay to the next station or not…
Therefore, let’s remain optimistic and fresh…
Let’s remain calm, good-tempered, in control of our anger, patient, and tolerant with the others…
As the “trip is short.”

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