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Lebanese parliamentarians praise the UAE’s initiative In declaring 2019 as year of tolerance

A number the parliamentarians praised the initiative of UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed to announce the 2019 year of tolerance in the UAE to enhance the global role of the UAE as the capital of coexistence and cultural integration.

MP Salim Khoury

“Tolerance is what the region needs most at this stage, and encouraging it is essential to achieve it with rival political parties, among each other or at an international level,” MP Salim Khoury said in an exclusive interview withGPTNEWS.ORG. He noted the UAE’s 2019 Declaration of Tolerance comes in light of sectarian, religious and political conflicts and wars in the East.

Mr. Khouryhoped that the UAE would translate this declaration through practical steps that would resonate in the region. It would limit the armed and political conflicts, and then be reflected on the neighboring countries, especiallyLebanon, because Lebanon is in dire need of tolerance and moderation to enhance the internal situation.

MP Shawki Al Dakash

“It is no surprise that the UAE in launched 2019 as a year of tolerance,” said Shawki Daccash, a member of the Lebanese parliament. He said that this comes in the context of a policy of openness and non-discrimination practiced by the state, which has established an approach to determine the behavior and the way the state is dealing with all humanitarian issues, whether cultural, social or religious and which have built bridges for dialogue and deep interaction. He pointed out that the UAE has always been ahead in this, through a large number of initiatives and legislations, and it is not a simple detail that it has created a Ministry of Tolerance since February 2016.

This is evidence of the seriousness of the debt on what brings people together and unites them in relation to values and ethics in the UAE, as well as at the regional and international levels. It is without any doubt a winning bet and avision to which the UAE and its wise leadership have accustomed us.

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