Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

In a world of change, There is a huge need for parliaments

H.E. Ahmed bin Mohamed AlJarwan
President, Global Council for Tolerance and Peace.

On the 30th of June , the world celebrates The International Day of Parliamentarism;  the date on which the IPU was founded in 1889. The Day was set in 2018 through a United Nations General Assembly Resolution.

As the world celebrates for the fourth time the international Day of Parliamentarism, the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, recognizes the vital role of parliaments, in general and especially the one of the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace (IPTP), considering them as the cornerstone of democracy, tolerance and Peace.

Parliaments represent the voice of the of their people and make sure that policies benefit their nation, by linking international and national agendas, implementing 2030 agenda for sustainable development and making peaceful transition through the culture of Tolerance and Peace .

The IPTP, established on the 6th of July 2018 in Malta, is the legislative body of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace. It is composed of more than 80 MPs representing their national parliaments, who are tackling the world’s current issues, working on proposing solutions by declaring statements, Charters, and setting action plans to be implemented, as well as issues raised by the General assembly for Tolerance and Peace all for the sake of a world of Peace. Furthermore, the IPTP submits its recommendations to the international community.

In the last year, the IPTP faced serious challenges during COVID-19 pandemic that created new threats to its sovereignty. Despite these circumstances, the parliamentarians of the IPTP, presented an impressive response, acted resolutely to maintain the stability of their nations and worked hard to help their people overcome this challenge.

On this Day, The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, acknowledges the parliamentarians all over the world specially at this critical time, and calls them to act jointly, to continue the international dialogue, and to discuss the world priorities as a global family to build a better future for all, in a prosperous and peaceful world.

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