Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

HE Ahmed Bin Mohammed Aljarwan will participate in a busy agenda of activities in the province. He was received by the national deputy Walberto Allende.

The meeting with the press was held at the Cruce Sanmartiniano hall in the Andes and was also attended by the Minister of Education, Felipe De Los Ríos, the provincial deputy Eduardo Cabello and the Secretary of Institutional Relations, Elena Peletier.

Ahmed Bin Mohammed Aljarwan’s first activity in San Juan was meeting with the members of the Inter religious table and representatives of different cults of the province, while today, he will offer protocol greetings to the governor Sergio Uñac and will meet with the Archbishop of San Juan of Cuyo, Monsignor Jorge Lozano. In addition, agreements will be signed, a meeting with national deputies of San Juan and provincial deputies, and a tour for productive, tourist and cultural enterprises of the province will be held.

The president of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace will also offer an open discourse for all audiences today at 9:00 pm Argentinean time at the Syrian-Lebanese Club, located in 33 south Entre Ríos province.
The national deputy Walberto Allende welcomed Ahmed Aljarwan, thanking him for “the decision to visit Argentina and particularly the province of San Juan. He arrived to the country on Sunday night; yesterday morning he visited the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation and arrived to the province later on. We are welcoming him on behalf of the governor to a province where we believe in and defend tolerance.”
The deputy gave details of the activities that Ahmed Aljarwan will carry out, including “a meeting with the Inter religious table and a reception by Monsignor Lozano in the Archdiocese. This morning, there was a meeting with the vice-governor of the Province, accompanied by all the national and provincial deputies, senators and mayors. Later on, the governor Uñac will honor Aljarwan with a luncheon in the Executive Mansion.”

“We have different activities to do until Wednesday, the day on which the visit ends with the signing of important agreements with both universities, to which we will add a meeting with the Justice and Peace Council of the province, as well as meetings with the general secretaries of all the unions, sports leaders and leaders of neighborhood commissions. We will visit the province, dams, museums and the Valley of the Moon,” concluded Allende.
For his part, the president of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace was grateful for the reception in the province after a long day.
He added that “in San Juan we find very friendly people. It is a school from which the world can take advantage of its experience. The Argentine people are well known for being kind and loving for peace, tolerance.”
In this sense, he said: “Practically everyone is working today to spread the values of tolerance and peace because it is a necessity, given that all the inhabitants of the world deserve it. I would like to emphasize the message left by Pope Francisco’s visit to the United Arab Emirates, where he has supported and focused the work on spreading these values. And we want people from all over the world to sit down at the same table and share ideas.”
Ahmed Bin Mohammed Aljarwan pointed out that “the council is based on pillars, among them there is an academic pillar, another of media, and several commissions have been formed: one to defend peace, as well as the committee for women and youth, one for external relations, one for legal affairs and one for sustainable development. All these committees work to spread the values of tolerance and try to inculcate it in societies.”
He also mentioned that “in the council we have put all the possibilities to spread these values of tolerance and we are willing to invest more in this. Our presence in the province is already a success, as well as being with our friends. The smile with which they welcomed us gives us strength to work and move forward, and we have made a portal for South America in San Juan.”
Finally, he said: “We are willing to meet with everyone and cooperate so that we bring the culture of peace and love for peace in Argentina to the world.”

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