Global Council for Tolerance and Peace

Al Jarwan praises UAE’s “tolerance” message for 2019

His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Bin Mohammed Aljarwan, President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, praised the initiative of HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, and the nomination of the year 2019 as year of tolerance in the UAE in the context of enhancing the global role of this country, being the capital of coexistence and cultural convergence. He stressed that this initiative represents a real extension of the values established and inculcated by the late leader Sheikh Zayed in the spirit of citizens of his nation.Aljarwan also called the world to realize the necessity of implementing the approach and culture of the UAE related to tolerance, and of working on establishing the values of tolerance, refusing extremism, and openibg up to cultures and peoples, as a general community orientation involving all the categories of the society.In addition, the President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace said: We have lived in the year Zayed of 2018, which witnessed many local and international events and initiatives aimed at commemorating the late leader Sheikh Zayed and glorifying his legacy and the values ​​that he worked hard to spread through cooperative and innovative initiatives. This is what we hope to see and commemorate every year, hoping that each year carries a wish of the “Zayed” wishes, those we live by every day.He added that the UAE is proud of its message of tolerance to the world, and expressed his hope that this message prevails, and becomes a global approach to all countries in the world in the face of terrorist and extremist ideas.In the last part of his declaration, Aljarwan stressed that societies based on values ​​and principles of tolerance, love and coexistence are the ones that can achieve peace, security, stability and development in all aspects, and which elevate the aspirations and achievements of their countries in their march towards the future.

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