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A study shows why blind people have a better hearing ability

Several studies have shown that those who become blind early in their life can experience a much better hearing ability than the sighted people.

Although scientists were able from a long time to find out that the blind people have more sensitive hearing abilities, yet the brain mechanism of the blind people which gives them these abilities has remained incomprehensible  till now.

A modern study says that the brain of the blind people rehabilitates them to be able to accurately follow the movement of the moving bodies similar to the star of Marvel Series Daredevil, according to scientists.

Scientists clarified that the changes in the brain can explain the improvement in the others senses of the blind people.

A recent study says that some of the blind can train themselves to use clicks as a type of echolocation to detect obstacles, such as bats and some birds.

Experts from Oxford University and a number of the American universities have observed a number of those who were born blind or those who lost their sight in their childhood.

They discovered that their increased capabilities may be due to the ability to detect frequency differences, according to a report published by the Independent newspaper.

The author of the study, Kelly Zhang from Washington University said “According to the sighted people, the accurate representation of sound has no significance because sight helps them recognize things, while blind people only have auditory information.”

“This gives us an idea of the changes in the brain that explain why blind people improve in selecting and identifying sounds in the environment,” she added.

Professor Ione Fine, a psychologist at Washington University, explained that this was the first study to show these changes in the auditory cortex, a part of the brain that processes sound.

Fine continued “”This is important because this is a part of the brain that receives very similar auditory information among blind and sighted individuals. But in blind individuals, more information must be extracted from the sound, and this part of the brain appears to be developing enhanced capabilities as a result.”


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