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Blind masseurs in Beijing ease tourists’ stress

The skills of blind masseurs in Beijing relieve the stress of tourists as about 110 thousand blind people work as masseurs at massage centers in China.

Beijing (Reuters)- Foreign tourists who suffer from stress due to cheering athletes and suffer from the hot weather and the high humidity at the Chinese streets, find massage sessions by blind masseurs who have special skills as the only way to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Chinese massage have been used from thousands of years to alleviate the stress and pain  and to boost energy. Blind Masseurs and their clients in Beijing say that they can perform that task better than the sighted people.

 Wi Changyong, massage master at Belly Massage Center at Beijing city center told Reuters that “The blind masseurs depend on the sense of touch when they make massage as they depend on the shape of the bones through using their hands in search for the stress points which can be seen by the sighted individuals through using their eyes,” adding that “using hands for feeling is more accurate than using eyes.”

Wi, aged 35, lost his sight shortly after his birth, and he has been working as a masseur from 15 years,” This job achieves high profits when foreigners flock to Beijing to attend the Olympic Games,” he says.

Dan Faber, an American tourist, who visited the center for a 60-minute massage session based on his wife advice, says that the blind masseurs have more sensitivity than the sighted ones.

“Many of the blind people are highly sensitive to touch in comparison to the other senses due to their loss of their sight, maybe they are able to do other things better than the others. When I heard that I will have a blind masseur, I was looking forward to go through that experience,” Faber said.

On Friday, a large group of Japanese tourists underwent massages at the hands of blind masseurs in the center.

After a 40-minute massage session, Japanese tourist, Mizu Juchi said ” I feel that I am okay, and the massage helps me to relieve the stress on my shoulders.”

Owner of the massage center, Wang Bu, says that the massage may ease stress, but he warns his employees that they aren’t doctors.

“What really worries me the most is the possibility of the occurrence of a mistake during the massage because we aren’t in a hospital, We are just a care center. We don’t treat people from the diseases, but we provide care for them, therefore, if we commit mistakes, we may harm the people,” Wang Bu.


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